Modular Print Head Carriage Design

Print Carriage houses up to 24 print head (1000) nozzles each making it not only flexible for your application, but also the fastest digital UV printer in the industry.

140 mm print swath print module

Speed of application is maximized without any compromise to quality by moving print carriage across the product in multipass modes ensuring the highest quality with the fastest print speeds in the industry for mulit-print pass modes.

White, CMYK and Clear in the same print cycle

The Print Carriage System enables you to print background White, CMYK and clear inks in a single cycle through the system, increasing print quality and speeds for production.

Industrial Rugged Design

Designed and built to print products in an industrial setting resulting in high machine print quality and reliability.

Patented Dual Indexing Servo Drives

The high precision indexing drives enable you to print with superb virtual 720 DPI resolution, while continuously feeding print trays through the 72" wide system, resulting in high print efficiency.

Preload and Unload Zones independent of the Print Zone

Prints product continuously without interruption as product trays are loaded and unloaded in parallel with the printing operation. Other flatbed printers waste time with operator product loading and unloading activities, resulting in a significant reduction of real print throughput and efficiency.

Print Recipe Mode – Improves Efficiency and preserves product print quality

Each print job is individually defined and configured to produce print jobs that contain specific graphic, resolution, print mode, product height, print speed, Pin and Final UV cure power settings and color profile management resulting in the perfect job every time.

Product Trays

Individual product trays are designed and configured to hold a variety of products in a consistent manor up to 10" high.

Designed and manufactured in the USA

Provides long- term continual operation with minimal maintenance and perpetual availability of parts.